Macaco Contacts is an application that tries to provide an usable, user friendly contact management from Linux. The initial idea of Macaco Contacts is to provide a similar application to the AddressBook that is provided by default in Mac OSX. Currently the application has the following features:

Unlimited contacts with unlimited data
Macaco-contacts does not put a limit in the amount of contact data that you can store. A contact can have as many of the following:

  • Addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Social accounts
  • IM accounts
  • Telephone numbers
  • Webpages
Groups and Smart groups
Macaco-contacts allows to have different types of groups.

  • Groups: Traditional groups where the user choose the contacts to be in the group.
  • Smart groups: This groups follow a number of rules that can be used to show the different contacts that are part in the group.

The following features are for-seen:

Being in Sync
Currently macaco-contacts is in its alpha vesion and it uses SQLite as its data backend but soon this will change to couchDb. CouchDb will allow users to sync their data
One of the aim of macaco-contacts is to provide an API for other applications to use it as the source of information reagrding contacts in your desktop. The API will allow to create pluigns for your favorite applications, event using other PIM manager to organize your contacts!!

Code and license

Macaco-contacts is dully opensoruce and allow user to use one of the following licenses:

  • Simplified BSD License

The code of the project can be found at Launchpad here. People are welcome to branch the project and work in the software, it is there for that!!. Any type of contribution is more than welcome, please tell me why my code is shit and where to fix it :D

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